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The convention Geek.kon is starting tomorrow, is anybody else going? If you've never heard of it, don't worry, it's a local thing. I just want to see if there's anyone on this site that will be there.

Click the link! DO IT NAO!

2011-06-24 00:25:43 by nintendork64

The KnowYourMeme page Forever Alone is ALMOST at 2 million, and unless more people go to it, it won't be the first to get there! Forever Alone

most pointless post ever

2010-11-18 20:49:15 by nintendork64

Because I have nothing to say.

Went to Florida, got Soul Silver, completed a 600 piece puzzle, went to the beach, climbed rocks, saw bird, met Metallica's former bassist, started programming my game (Gravity Wheel), got Easter candy, saw the last nighttime shuttle launch ever, transferred planes in D.C; saw the pentagon, capital, and washington monument, and arrived home monday afternoon. Life is awesome.

Well, final exams are over

2010-01-22 20:35:36 by nintendork64

Thank god.

Avatar Contest

2009-10-09 18:02:10 by nintendork64

No, I'm not hosting one. I'm entering one, and posting my avatar for it here, because I can't upload it directly to the site.

Avatar Contest


2009-09-03 17:58:15 by nintendork64

Back to school....

I don't have much to say.

Gravity Wheel

2009-05-30 19:32:37 by nintendork64

You're a wheel. No, I didn't call you a wheel. That would be awkward and rude. Ahem... You PLAY as a wheel (Not much less bizarre, I guess). But there's one thing that makes your wheel different; you can flip gravity at will.

Gameplay: Gravity Wheel will be an action-platformer game with an emphasis on speed. If this reminds you of a certain blue hedgehog, yes, the gameplay will be similar to Sonic. The stages will mostly be indoors, (because switching gravity needs a ceiling to land on) and will be pretty straight-forward, with branching paths here and there, and probably hidden items.

Controls: Because Gravity Wheel isn't a standard platformer, it won't have standard platformer controls. There's a big emphasis on going fast and going forward, so once you pick up speed, you won't want to slow down. The wheel will move forward on it's own, and you can reverse directions or break in case you need too, escpecially for those trickier traps. Switching gravity will simply be mapped to up and down arrows, and jumping will most likely be the space bar.

Story: Not going into much detail here. Basically, your wheel gets captured by a bunch of scientists who run a bunch of experiments on the wheel. Having had enough, the wheel decides to find and take down the head scientist. That being said, it isn't going to have much emphasis on the storyline.

So, I hope this comes out the way I picture it in my head, and I hope you enjoy it once it comes out! I have done some spriting and gathered most of the music I will need. When the game is finished it will be out on and hopefully Newgrounds as well.

I also made this cool little banner thingy:

Gravity Wheel

F-zero remix is out!

2009-05-10 18:02:52 by nintendork64

Well I said I'd have audio out sometime, so here it is! I wasn't originally planning to make this one, but I lost interest in the one I was making. I think it turned out fantastic, and I learn some in the process of making this.
(I just did that to have an excuse to put this picture in)

F-zero remix is out!

Audio and stencyl

2009-03-10 20:32:33 by nintendork64

I'm working on two audio tracks (expect them to be on Newgrounds withing a month), and a game called gravity wheel. Unfortunantly, Stencyl, the game creator program I'm going to use, isn't out yet. I've been finding music (Waterflame's stuff rocks) and spriting for the game. Because of this (and Rock Band 2), I haven't really been active on Newgrounds lately. I'm hoping to be on here a bit more and upload some music.